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Recent content by Luxlover

  1. Luxlover

    Wheel Stripes?

    Has anyone tried Stripe-it-All wheel stripes applicator or striped your wheels from any tape supplier. I ordered some tape from Tapeworks. On its way. I will advise how it goes once I receive the package.
  2. Luxlover

    Front Grill Badge for our 124 Spiders

    I have installed the front grill badge on my Lusso. I went with the red which looks great with the Grigio Moda color of the car. What do you other owners think? Luxlover from New Jersey
  3. Luxlover

    Greetings from New Jersey

    Hello everyone. I Fell in love with the 124 Spider as soon as they were released. I got mine mid-Sept. 2016. It is a Grigio Moda Lusso automatic. Black leather. I added Nav and a 124 red front grill badge so far. As of now it mostly sits in the garage waiting for nice weekends to arrive here in...