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Dimsport Rapid Add-On Module

Leading name in the world of the additional module applied to turbo diesel engines for over 20 years, Rapid range now extends its application field introducing a new development for the latest generation of turbo petrol engines, including the 1.4l MTA as fitted to the Fiat and Abarth 124 Spider.

Direct result of the long experience matured, since 1991, in the recalibration of the engine control units (ECU) for this type of propellers, the operative approach developed for Rapid allows the customization of the engine working in accordance with air flow, inlet manifold pressure, boost pressure, engine rpm.

To support this technology, Dimsport developed a new generation of Rapid modules, further evolution of what previously released: a new hardware platform provided with CPU, Flash Eprom and RAM EEprom, not only suitable to control the specific sensors involved in this management, but also able to operate on the CAN BUS network of the vehicle.

Also for this specific version of the module, the installation is achieved through Plug&Play connectors specifically released to link to the relevant sensors of each vehicle supported.

All Rapid modules have been conceived not to interfere with the vehicle standard electronic system, thus not triggering any diagnostic fault or working trouble. The vehicle ECU is therefore not affected while monitoring the vital parameters of the engine mechanics and still maintains the auto-adaptive system. Thanks to the calibration console or by means of a dedicated, optional software (available for Rapid for Turbo Petrol only), professional installers can set the parameters which determine the engine performance, the perfect customization of torque and power delivery according to your clients? request!