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Upgrading the stereo head unit

Hi all,
I'm not currently a 124 owner but desperately want to be. I hired a 124 in gran Canaria on holiday and had the best time!
I currently drive a 2015 astra which is pretty forgettable but I do like that I've got Android auto. Currently it's not a feature on the 124 but I would like it so I plan to upgrade the stereo.
I've seen someone put a Halo9 head unit in a 124 but having not owned one I don't know if the head unit is the computer for the MPG, trip computer etc or whether that's housed/controller in the Speedo display and the audio screen is just for audio/nav.
I'm also thinking that as I plan to upgrade the head unit, should I save some cash and just get a classica rather than a lusso. I won't need the rotary knob as I'd be happy to control the head unit by its touch screen, I won't need the 7" display because the new head unit comes with a display etc.
If anyone knows anything about upgrading the stereo I'd be keen to hear about it.

Many thanks.